Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Problem with Patch Pumps

They're sleek, for a healing device. They're stylish, for a healing device. They move a diabetics who take insulin freedom from injections and obtrusive siphon tubing. You can check your blood glucose and wirelessly control your siphon from a single PDA-like doohickey. (Yes, that's a technical tenure there.)

And they are, during this point, definitely purposeless for me to consider. Patch pumps competence be all a rage, interjection to critical commercial operation similar to Nick Jonas, though this dorky diabetic is presently not a fan. Now, don't get me wrong. Everyone's insulin needs have been different, as well as entrance up with pumps which reason little amounts of insulin which dose miniscule, super-accurate amounts is positively a unequivocally critical healing device development. However, patch pumps leave diabetics similar to me out in a dust, unless we instruct to refill each singular day.

I take what a little people consider to be a lot of insulin. My low fundamental rate during a day is 2.8 u/hr. Now, granted there's not a lot of shift during a march of 24 hours from which rate, though a little people have been only completely flabbergasted to find out what my every day intake is, as if that's a bad thing. we only call it what we need to stay alive as well as healthy. If we instruct to impugn me for how most insulin I'm taking, I'm sorry, though you're kind of a dick. Believe me, we instruct we could take a integrate measly units to cover a meal. I'd save income on insulin!

So we was definitely thrilled during a promise of something we saw over during DiabetesMine final week: a Picosulin Pump/Patch! At last, somebody is deliberation a patch siphon which will be discreet, in vogue (for a healing device) as well as will reason 3ml of insulin during a time! What a completely brill idea! we adore a actuality which somebody is working on a device which will give me options. Ever since Smiths Medical voiced which they were bowing out from a diabetes business, I've been heartbroken, since when we get my next pump, we won't have choices. The only siphon association which makes a 3ml siphon that's worth a hoot, in my opinion, is Minimed. And I've had Minimed before. we wasn't unhappy, though their siphon didn't offer a customization we unequivocally needed. Their bolus top was too low for me.

I would adore to see further growth by Picosulin. In fact, if we revisit their website, they have a survey we can take to discuss it them what we instruct in a pump. Everything we only told you, we additionally told them. (Maybe in a few reduction words, though a idea is a same.)

Maybe a single day, there will be a patch siphon which could work well for me. Then we can be only as hip as a single of a Jo-Bros.

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