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Cholesterol, Fats, Carbs, Statins and Exercise

The following pointless thoughts have been just which - my thoughts, not facts. However, we have provided the small comparison cites for many of them. If we think we have been the small selective, we determine - I'm tellurian as good as will spin things my way. So I've additionally given links to the small healing search engines during the foot if we would similar to to do the small further reading. Just the single rule: writings funded by curative companies, generally statin manufacturers, or created by authors with links to those companies have small credit with me.

The cites have been only representative of the lot of ubiquitous reading. There have been many some-more supporting writings out there. we am happy to listen to from anyone with some-more specific writings upon sold aspects - pro or con.

These thoughts have been formed upon my own celebration of the mass from many various sources over time. Lately we have found them reinforced in Taubes' book "Good Calories, Bad Calories", though many we had review prior to which from alternative sources.

1. Eating extreme carbohydrates leads to tall triglycerides. The clarification of "excessive" may depend upon whether or not the café has diabetes. Triglycerides have been the single of the 3 vital reported components of the common lipids panel, the alternative dual being HDL as good as LDL. One which we should get though often don't is VLDL, the dangerous one; customarily which is estimated by dividing the triglycerides by 5 (in mg/dl). But which estimate is very approximate.

2. LDL is deliberate by the mainstream healing establishment to be the bad cholesterol as good as many anti-cholesterol meds target that. But tall triglycerides, tall VLDL as good as low HDL have been actually the ones we should be many concerned about.

3. The comprehensive series of the LDL is reduction critical than the specific series of sure components of LDL; the dangerous ones have been the small, unenlightened particles. High triglycerides customarily indicate tall proportions of those small unenlightened particles. Better indicators of the lipids health have been VLDL as good as the apolipoproteins A1 as good as B.

4. ALL of the dishes we eat start the cholesterol levels. EXCESS of carbohydrates OR fats may lead to dyslipidemia.

5. The past investigate upon the attribute between cholesterol as good as heart disease is misleading during best. There appears to be shaky await for the hypothesis which lowering cholesterol, particularly LDL, improves overall mortality as good as even reduction await for the make use of of statins to do that.

6. Inadequate dietary fat will lead to low HDL.

7. Exercise usually, though not always, helps enlarge HDL.

8. A low HDL is the improved indicator of future cardiac problems than tall LDL as good as apolipoprotein levels have been the improved predictor than either.

9. Diabetics should target for the triglycerides to HDL ratio of reduction than 3.0 in mg/dl or 1.3 in mmol/l.

10. Cholesterol in the dishes we eat such as eggs as good as seafood has an considerate outcome upon the cholesterol in the red red blood stream.

11. Low LDL is additionally dangerous as good as can be related to alternative problems such as Parkinson's Disease, cancer as good as alternative causes of early death.

12. There is growing regard which the over-prescription of statins as good as singular though alarming investigate in to their side goods needs the lot some-more investigation.

Putting which all together, we no longer worry about the turn of fats in my diet for their start upon cholesterol. we am selective in my choices of oils, though for alternative reasons such as Omega 3 calm or expelling trans-fats. we additionally found which reducing carbohydrates reduced my triglycerides as good as my red red blood glucose levels. we additionally dropped my statin, lipitor, 4 years ago.

When we look back by which list, the small things mount out to me. If we am going to worry about cholesterol during all, the dual things which will urge it many have been moderating carbohydrates for improved triglycerides as good as augmenting exercise for improved HDL. It seems the happy coincidence which those have been the same dual things which urge my red red blood glucose levels most. Additionally, inclusion of the small the single some-more fats in my menu to replace those carbohydrates may additionally help enlarge HDL.

For those interested in further celebration of the mass to await - or refute - my thoughts here have been the couple of utilitarian search engines: Google Advanced Scholar, Medline as good as Highwire.

Cheers, Alan

Everything in Moderation - Except Laughter.


Here have been the small the single some-more references for we in no sold order. Most of these writings as good as articles apply to some-more than the single of the points above, which is why we found it ungainly to embody them in the body. The titles tend to give the context.

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